Personalized Bag Tags & Gift Tags from Tag-It-Yours!

Tag-It-Yours! presents Personalized Bag Tags for everyone! Attaching personalized bag tags on your belongings is a polite way of stating ownership. Personalized bag tags can also be used on gifts as gift tags.


Bag Tag Specifications

Bag Tag Size 4 1/4" x 2 1/2"
Paper Type Heavy Weight Laminate with Clear Strap
Quantity 1 Bag Tag
Price $8.00 + S&H

Uses of Personalized Bag Tags:

Luggage Tags: Baggage identification is now a standard when traveling by air or sea. Get unique with a personalized bag tag.

Backpack Tags: Secure your backpack with a personalized bag tag. Feel safer, knowing that all your backpack gear has an owner!

Lunchbox Tags: Make sure kids don't misplace their lunchboxes or school material. With a personalized bag tag, you know you'll get it back!

Personal Tags: Identifying your personal belongings (gym bags, diaper bags, vanity bags) on group tours and outings is a pain. Bag Tag-It-Yours!

Personalized Bag Tag Customization

Personalize upto 4 lines of custom identification text on a Tag-It-Yours! Personalized Bag Tag.

Ready Set Go Bag Tag

Catcher Bag Tag

Matching Stationery for Personalized Bag Tags

Personalized Bag Tags can be matched with Return Address Labels and gifted to loved ones, stressing on the benefits and need for personal ID tagging. Also see our Christmas Bag Tags and Family Faces Bag Tags.

Personalized Bag Tags & Gift Tags - Online Catalog

These are only previews of Tag-It-Yours! Personalized Bag Tags. Adjustments for custom layout and bag tag sizing & spacing will be made before printing your personalized bag tags.

Mutt Bag Tag

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